Bunny vs Monkey December 2021

Bunny vs Monkey December 2021

At Chew Valley Library we held a Christmas Event based round the characters of Bunny and Monkey. This included drawing, table games and listening to the story The Real Santa from Bunny vs Monkey – The Human Invasion – Jamie Smart….naturally followed by a visit from Santa himself, who came bearing chocolate rather than whiffy eggs, to complete our event. It was a great fun filled, family afternoon.

Our session began with some colouring and drawing using the sheets provided and using illustrations from the books to draw the Bunny and Monkey characters. The children chose to be in Team Bunny or Team Monkey and wore the appropriate stickers.

Being an Illustrator

Drawing and colouring the main characters

Roll the dice game

Making a dice game using drawings of Bunny and Monkey – which team will complete their characters first.

Each body part was given a number to roll from the dice 1 for head 2 body etc. Each player had a dice and the children played in teams to see who could complete their drawings first. We played several games.

Christmas Greetings

Find and match the Christmas cards sent to Bunny and Monkey – which team will complete the challenge first?

What’s in the stocking game?

What has Bunny hidden for Monkey and Monkey hidden for Bunny… which team can guess what’s inside?

The Real Santa story… from Bunny vs Monkey and the Human Invasion

Reading and talking about the story followed by a visit from Santa himself! Luckily he brought chocolate eggs rather than wiffy ones!

The Real Santa – Jamie Smart – Team Questions

  • What sound woke squirrel and pig?
  • Who did they think had arrived?
  • Which animal came to help?
  • What was the name of the elf?
  • Who was pretending to be Father Christmas?
  • What were they going to drop?
  • What happened when the park ranger arrived?
  • Who was in the sack and what had they done?
  • What did the construction workers think had happened?
  • How did the story end?

Our library display showing features of our events…

Thanks also to The Reading Agency and publishers for sending us posters and book materials to use at our event.